jerry whited

I’ve got a problem … a big problem.

Others may have or have had the same problem along the way. Some people don’t have this particular speed bump on the highway of life. Some haven’t given it a thought. Others may face the same predicament when they get to a certain point in their lives.

“What is this large conundrum?” you ask.

It’s this thing that occurs when one quits working when he or she reaches retirement. At first it’s Saturdays. What do you do with yourself when all of a sudden you’re not looking forward to that day off? And then when it comes, you’re kinda lost. All of a sudden it’s just another day of a workless week.

Maybe you’ve worked all week getting caught up around the house, or the yard, or finally finished some of those projects you put off because you didn’t have time to complete them. Or, you put them off for another day because you’ll have plenty of time in the future and right now you need some rest.

Then comes the Sabbath – that seventh day thrown into the mix. Well, since you’ve never taken advantage of the day because you used it to do extra work and take it easy (gone to the lake, played a round of golf, maybe gone to Walmart or visited relatives), now it becomes a day of relaxing.

Then the real monster raises its ugly head: holidays. One more day we don’t get off. So we try to think of something special to do. We might even consider celebrating what the day is about. Yikes!

Maybe this retirement thing isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.