jerry whited

Well, I guess it’s so long to 2019 and on to a new set of 365 days.

For many reasons, we try to forget a lot of what has just passed and wonder what’s ahead. We say, “Have a happy and prosperous New Year.” It’s a great thought, but we have to consider what’s to unfold.

I predict congress will continue to either impeach the president or fight to keep him in office. We pretty much know how that’s going to turn out, but we still have to go through the motions, and we’ll be right back where we started. The democrats have had their say in the House, but with republicans overseeing the Senate, the impeachment will go no further.

If we haven’t had enough politics already, as we get closer to the primaries, it’s going to get down and dirty. We’ve had several already debating, and there have been a couple of new ones campaigning on their own. It will come down to who they think can beat Trump.

Will we continue with the direction our country is going or bring in someone who will have new ideas? Will our fine city finally get all our streets in decent shape?

With football season about over, we’re already trying to decide if our team(s) will be as good next season, or if they will be better — or worse. Will we get out of debt this year, or deeper in the hole?

A lot of questions, but we need patience before they’re all answered.