jerry whited

I thought I heard something the other day on a TV newscast, but now I’m wondering if I was just dreaming. I haven’t heard it from any other source. I was sure it would get big headlines in the newspaper, but I’ve seen no mention of it, and nobody has mentioned hearing.

We’re talking about something revolutionary here. This is an item that we wouldn’t expect to happen in the “Bible Belt.” I can’t help but think most of the population would gasp at such a notion, let alone do it.

What I heard was that it is now legal to go topless. We’re not talking about the male gender, who has been doing this for … ever. The item concerned women, and it got quite a few laughs out of the announcers.

How it was presented was that a woman cannot be arrested for being bare on top. And Oklahoma is not the only state where it is allowable. It comes just after we were told it was not against the law for women to breast-feed babies anywhere without covering up. What’s coming next?

I haven’t yet seen a woman exercising those rights yet, but do you see how we’re progressing as a culture?

A few days later, TV and newspapers were full of it. And a topless skate was held at the River Parks with no action taken. It seems the 10th Circuit Court ruled in a Colorado case that it’s legal, but local authorities say that doesn’t make it legal in Oklahoma.

I guess those in favor will have to go to the French Riviera.