jerry whited

Many of our coaches and former athletes will remember an assistant coach who served in Owasso for a couple of years when he first started. He would go on to be an icon of Oklahoma coaches who would win 13 state championships with the Jenks Trojans.

Allan Trimble was first and foremost a very nice man and a dedicated Christian.

Despite his success, he never got so important that he forgot who his friends were. Every time he would see me, he would stop to visit a minute.

It was so sad to see him go down with Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s devastating how it takes away abilities until nothing is left. Allan lost his battle a couple of weeks ago and took up a new residence.

He was blessed with a lot of good athletes, and the Rams had a lot of difficulty with his teams. He was respected by his fellow coaches and got his share of press coverage. I was proud to have known him.

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Here’s something I found interesting. After I wrote last week about all advertising having to do with Black Friday, an article in the paper said they are trying to ban the designation in France. And it wasn’t just activists but also lawmakers in the National Assembly.

They had several very good reasons for the action they were wanting to take: overproduction, resource waste, overconsumption, traffic jams, pollution; gas emissions and the fact that it mostly benefits large online retailers, among other reasons.

I’m not an activist, but count me in on the protests.