Most of the schools in the Sand Springs district remained the same in the second year of the modified Oklahoma School Report Cards.

With nine sites, Sand Springs averaged around a C grade for the district.

“We know that a single letter grade does not accurately give a global perspective of the incredible work of our school district; however, we always reflect upon data and look for ways to improve,” said superintendent of schools, Sherry Durkee.

“A reflection upon the release of the state report cards is no different. While there is always room for improvement in any organization, I continue to be extremely proud of the work happening in our classrooms across the district and truly believe we are making a huge difference in the lives of our students. I am particularly proud of the work at CPHS in the areas of Post-Secondary Opportunities and Graduation Rate, both of which are very lightly weighted on the overall school grade. Our graduation rate has grown from an 86.1% on last year’s report card to a 90.24% this year.”

Sand Springs has six elementary schools, and Angus Valley scored the highest of all nine sites with a B.

Pratt Elementary and Limestone Academy both earned C grades, and Garfield STEAM Academy and Northwoods Fine Arts were given D grades.

The Sand Springs Early Childhood Center was not given a grade.

Technically, there are two middle schools – the Central Ninth Grade Center and Clyde Boyd Middle School – and CBMS was given a C grade. The Ninth Grade Center received a “no grade.”

Charles Page High School, which is 10th through 12th grades, earned a D grade.

None of the schools in the district received a better grade than the year before, and two schools – Garfield and CPHS — went down a letter grade from a C to a D.

“Our students are taking advantage of multiple opportunities that easily connect them to the next step after graduation. All of our elementary sites rated a C or better in academic growth signifying good gains academically on robust academic standards. One site achieved an A and another site achieved a B on this measure. We are proud of these successes and will build upon them,” Durkee said.

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