The Sand Springs Board of Education meeting focused on projects including the repair of a gas leak in a portion of Charles Page High School and construction of the new STEM Academy.

A gas leak was reported in the ag area of the school August 30. Charles Page High School Principal Stan Trout said operation was quickly restored to the cafeteria, but gas remains shut off to the rest of campus. The Board of Education approved an emergency declaration and the use of up to $250,000 for repairs at the September meeting.

Superintendent Sherry Durkee previously told the Leader that they will have to install new underground lines before gas can be restored to the campus.

“(This) is a long process…what I learned is ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas) has several layers of engineering approvals they have to have before they give the go ahead (for work)…we got that…Thursday, which means…they were supposed to start, which they did, Friday during the day and really leveraged quite a few crew members to try and get done (within) weeks,” Durkee said.

She said they hope to be done with the repairs shortly after Fall break, which runs from October 16-18.

Durkee said the construction of the new STEM Academy on the Charles Page High School campus is on target despite recent rain.

Architect Jeanie Kvach said crews are expected to pour concrete for that project beginning October 9.

Another upcoming project is a gym/hardened space for Angus Valley Elementary.

(The space will be) dual purpose. Obviously, it will serve Angus Valley PE and provide shelter for (inclement) weather and also offer a place for our high school basketball…and whatever other sport might need a facility to practice in,” Durkee said. “I just think it’s smart to maximize the usage.”

In other news:

• Sand Springs Board of Education President Jackie Wagnon and Charles Page High School Principal Stan Trout presented a Sandite Spirit Award to National Merit semifinalist Will Bouchard.

• Sand Springs Board of Education Deputy Clerk Mike Mullins presents a Sandite Pacesetter Award to Sand Springs Education Foundation Director Tirita Montross for her efforts to support education locally.

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