Ruby Jones taught her granddaughter the meaning of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and it has led to a love of barbering.

Shauna Jones is the owner of Ruby’s Salon in Sand Springs, taking the name of her grandma Ruby’s salon that was housed in several buildings in downtown Tulsa, including the Mayo and Bliss Hotels.

Shauna’s new salon, Ruby’s Salon, is located at 407 E. Broadway, formerly the Okie Girls Salon and Boutique.

Shauna said her grandmother knew that being a female barber in the late 1960s meant she had to stand out and pave her own way, and she did that in a big way. She filmed a commercial early in career and cut the hair of an actual bear.

Ruby was everything to Shauna, and she wanted to open a salon in her memory.

“I opened the salon in her honor. I’m not taking over her salon,” Shauna said.

Shauna was raised by her grandmother and doesn’t keep her own past a secret. Shauna’s parents suffered from drug abuse for nearly all of her life and her mother died of an overdose when Shauna was 12. Her father also overdosed later in Shauna’s life.

Shauna was three years old when Ruby took custody of her, saving her from the foster care system.

“She wanted me to have a different life than my parents,” Shauna said.

Ruby died in 2016, but her legacy lives on through Shauna.

Ruby was originally in the bar business, owning several bars in the Tulsa area, but she wanted to get out of the bar business and went back to school to become a barber.

“When she got into barbering, everyone told her she wouldn’t make it. Back then, it was hard for a woman barber,” Shauna said.

Shauna said her grandmother was a great businesswoman. She took her earnings to the bank every day and she wrote all of her finances down in a notebook, leaving nothing to chance.

“That’s the part of the business I wish I would have learned from her. She was so good with money. We lived really was tight, but we had money. If we needed money, it was there,” she said.

Her grandmother was strict about education and told Shauna if she was going to do something she needed to have the education, which led Shauna to not only cut hair but she became a color-line instructor.

“My grandmother said, ‘If you can teach it, you can do it,’” she said.

She also has her grandmother’s original barber kit, and she uses Ruby’s old Belmont barber chairs that still have cigarette ashtrays built into the armrests.

Shauna held a grand opening Saturday, June 20 with a live band, David Dover and Friends, and several other beauty businesses were on hand to sell their beauty products. She also had food, drinks, and giveaways.