Sonya Hummingbird Scott went to the dentist thinking she was getting her wisdom teeth taken out, but it was all a ruse and she walked away with a car.

Dr. Jacob Whitney had an old Honda just sitting around, and he realized someone deserving could use the car. He drove his reliable Honda throughout college and dental school and it served him well. Whitney wanted to give back to the community he serves and a high school senior without transportation would be the perfect recipient.

“I thought it would be better used, than to sell it online, to a student,” he said.

Dr. Whitney’s office contacted the high school, looking for a student that worked hard and could use the car.

“The counselors at the school found us the perfect candidate,” Whitney said.

When Scott got to the dentist’s office, office manager Becky Tanner presented her with the keys to her new car.

Scott had previously been driving her mom’s car to work, but that car broke down, and Scott was let go from her job. Now, she can find a new job and has the transportation to get to and from work.

“I wasn’t expecting to get a car. I want to work for my own things. I don’t expect anything for free,” Scott said.

Scott was given the car because she is a hard worker and well-deserving, according to Sand Springs counselors.

“It’s a good reliable car and, hopefully, it was last for years for her,” Whitney said.

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