Dear Editor,

I live in Vancouver, Washington where I read your article dated January 20, 2020 “If it’s transparency you want, Live PD provides it.”

I too find the outcry by some viewers from the various jurisdictions that the show portrays their towns and it’s citizenry in a bad light as ‘things that makes you go hmmm’. Being transparent by definition means being able to distinctly see through something. You either want to “see” what’s really happening or you don’t, ugly happens in all towns.

The law abiding citizens of all colors are not the ones who refuse to follow reasonable requests made by law enforcement when they interact with them. If you don’t want to be portrayed as an idiot while the cameras are on follow these simple guidelines.

Be respectful, follow directions, don’t resist, don’t lie, don’t run and if you do run the sooner you stop the less it’s going to hurt when they catch you. Don’t speak to them like they’re stupid, remember who is leaning up against the car being detained. Don’t believe your secret fantasy that you’re some kind of bad a** that’s going to win any fight, especially against a K-9 should they have to release one. They are your pants if you’re wearing them, it is your purse if you’re carrying it and it is your car if you’re the one driving.

It’s clear that I’m a fan.

I believe that the show is the best thing to happen to law enforcement as it reveals what they are up against on a daily basis. “Oh they slammed my baby to the ground”, well your baby was dumb and resisted, ran, refused to follow orders etc. It also reveals there are times when they reach out to another human being that’s hurting, showing a level of compassion that most people wouldn’t. We see what we want to see based on the filters we’ve developed through our life experiences. For some, those experiences have left them blind.

Thanks for a great article Kirk. You are the second writer that I’ve ever written to based on an article of theirs I’ve read on the internet and I wish you continued success.

Angie Hinshaw


I always have a box of Hot Tamales handy for Live PD!!

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