2019-09-11 ssl--farrara


A Tulsa man was arrested this week for allegedly burglarizing multiple vehicles in Sand Springs.

An officer responded to a report of a man checking door handles of vehicles in the 3600 block of S. 74th W. Court September 3 and saw two vehicles with driver’s doors and a truck toolbox open, according to an incident report.

The officer saw an SUV and a truck with lights on in the 7300 block of W. 36th Street and finally found a man, later identified as Vincent Farrara, 20, sitting in a white GMC pickup truck and noticed he ducked to avoid being seen, according to a report.

Farrara told police he’d left a party, pulled over to sleep and denied involvement in the burglaries, a report states.

Residents from the 7300 block of W. 36th Street told the officer they had an RCA tablet missing, while others on S. 74th W. Court said they had a Dewalt drill and charger missing, according to a report.

The officer saw the drill and RCA tablet in Farrara’s truck, a report states.

Farrara, however, initially claimed they were his, according to a report.

Officers also found a backpack, a baton, two pairs of sunglasses, a child’s backpack, a GPS with a charger, a tent, an iPad, an FM radio modulator and a set of keys in the vehicle, a report states.

Farrara then admitted to burglarizing multiple cars, according to a report.

Two others reported missing camper keys and a jacket that matched the one Farrara was wearing when he was booked while Farrara was in custody in Sand Springs, a report states.

Farrara was arrested on five complaints of burglary of a vehicle and taken to the Tulsa County Jail.

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