2020-07-01 ssl-fothergill

John Fothergill speaks at the Sand Springs city council meeting Monday, June 22, 2020 at the Case Community Center. KIRK MCCRACKEN/Leader

The Sand Springs City Council meeting was dominated with discussions about medical marijuana processing facilities.

The city council voted down a special use permit for a medical marijuana processing facility in a neighborhood behind Walmart Monday, June 22 at the Case Community Center. However, a different marijuana processing facility and a dispensary were both approved by the city council in the consent agenda.

The Hacker Corporation wanted to put a marijuana processing and grow facility in a house located at 801 Long Street. The house is a former daycare and zoned commercial. Attorneys for the Hackers, Stephanie Sinclair and Jonathan Nation, pled the case for an approval by telling the council there would be no smell coming from the facility or a drop in property value.

Several citizens spoke to the council both for and against the proposal, including former city councilman, John Fothergill.

“Change is the only constant,” Fothergill said in support of the processing facility. “This is a legal business that’s employing people. (Medical marijuana) is not going away. Would you rather have an abandoned building or a business?”

Mark Massey opposed the business and told the council he wanted better for Sand Springs.

“I’d like to see Sand Springs become a beautiful place,” Massey said.

Catherine Spencer was also opposed to the facility, saying she was allergic to marijuana and that it makes her physically ill.

In a 6-1 vote, the special use permit was denied. City councilor Brian Jackson was the only councilor to vote in favor of the facility.

In the consent agenda, a medical marijuana processing facility, located at 3417 S. 113th W. Ave. was approved along with a dispensary at 3 E. 41st St.

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