It was 90 degrees outside but there was a snowball fight in Sand Springs last week.

Harper’s Hut teamed up with the Sweet Pink Shack and Church That Matters for the most epic snowball fight since the last heavy snowfall.

And they called it “The Meltdown.”

The two snow cone stands used their machines to make over 200 snowballs and anyone was invited to hurl as many as they could at friends at the new Church That Mattes building.

CTM’s Rusty Gunn and William Nozak, of Harper’s Hut, were having sushi and talking about how they could partner together in hopes of reaching out to the community.

“We decided let’s do a snow ball fight,” Nozak said.

Gunn thought of the name “The Meltdown,” and they called it “The Biggest Snowball Fight Of The Summer.” The Sweet Pink Shack is a part of Church That Matters and Gunn called the Wakefields and asked them if they would help create the biggest snowball fight of the summer and they said “absolutely.”

Almost 100 kids showed up and they were split into two teams –– the Red team and the Green team. In the parking lot, buckets were filled with perfectly shaped snowballs and when Nozak gave the signal, it was on. Snowballs started flying and it took about 10 minutes for all of the ice to melt into the hot concrete.

“It is going to be an annual event for Prattville and Sand Springs. The purpose is to have a blast with the community and at the end of the event it is our goal to tell the community about the love of Christ in a practical way. Doing those things no one is doing. Harper’s Hut aims to have ‘A Meltdown’ in every small and large city in Oklahoma, creating an opportunity for the youth to meet, have a blast together, and then hear about Christian living,” Nozak said.