Summer time is time for vacations!

My vacation this year was to see my former college roommate at her new place in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I’d never been there before, but the city was pretty, very green and wooded, with a lot of houses with big, Southern porches and cute shops in renovated buildings with brick walls.

The highlight for me, though, aside from Raleigh’s Galaxy Con, where we got a photo with “Doctor Who” star David Tennant, was the food!

I’ve lived in Texas and Oklahoma for my whole life, so it might be surprising to find out I have a long-standing problem with the kind of sweet, tomato-based barbecue sauce used in my home states.

So I was surprised when my hosts said I should try barbecue, which, for the record, apparently means pulled pork in North Carolina, but I trusted them.

North Carolinians use a vinegar-based sauce for their barbecue that I really liked, so I learned it was the sweet-and-savory mix of the tomato-based sauce I’d had before that I had a problem with.

I was less worried about trying pimento cheese, which was creamy, sweet and sharp.

We also visited an urban winery called Chatham Hill Winery, which featured a nice porch outside, with local art, warm colors and a large bar inside.

For the last two days of my trip, we went to Galaxy Con and watched hundreds of people in costumes based on everything from superheroes to pop culture figures, a nostalgic showing of “Princess Bride” and fun question-and-answer sessions with the likes of Tennant, Catherine Tate (another “Doctor Who” star) and more.

In short, I had a great time exploring a new city and geeking out over nostalgic shows and movies with my college roomie. I hope our readers enjoyed a vacation this summer, too! Feel free to send me the story of your vacation and I just might publish it in the Leader!

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