Family, classmates, teachers and current players gathered at the baseball/softball complex August 10 to celebrate former Charles Page High School student Danny Treadwell, who died after an aneurysm on the football practice field in 1968.

Danny’s former teacher, Conrad Vollertsen, helped organize the gathering to dedicate a memorial stone at the complex in Prattville, where the locker room is being renovated and will be named in Danny’s honor.

“(Danny) fell sick…two days before school started,” Vollertsen said. “Larry Elliott carried him to the locker room and he was taken to (a Tulsa hospital)…His funeral was held in the high school auditorium…I can remember (the auditorium being filled) so beloved was he.”

He said Danny was class president from his eighth grade year to his 12th grade year and still made Salutatorian his senior year.

Danny’s brother, David, his son, Dan, Dan’s partner, Ann Ryan, their children Cory and Freedom, Danny’s classmate Larry Elliott, Ed Garrett, current coaches James Garrison and Scott Watkins and some current players gathered to mark the dedication of the stone August 10.

“We would play baseball…We grew up on Garfield,” David said. “Dad was a plumber. Our sister (Brenda) was a great student, so was my brother…we had a ninth grade teacher…when Danny came through they asked him, ‘are you going to be smart like your sister or dumb like your brother?’”

He said he became more confident academically in college, however.

David went on to attend Harding University on a football scholarship and played baseball. He currently coaches football, basketball and baseball at Geary Schools. Their sister, Brenda is a retired teacher.

He said he and his sister were the first in their family to go to college.

“I’m overjoyed people would do this for him,” David said of the dedication.

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