The Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that residents of Sand Springs will be eligible for Rural Development Programs early in 2017. The portion that is eligible at this time will be from outside the city limits but within the fence line of Sand Springs.

The Sand Springs Chamber and City of Sand Springs have been working with the USDA to have the map of Sand Springs rewritten to accommodate residents within this program.

“In accordance with notification requirements found in 7 CFR 3550, we are hereby notifying the public in general, and more specifically the residents of areas in and around Sand Springs, Okla. of projected changes to the areas eligible for USDA Rural Development Assistance,” Tommy Earls with the USDA. “Several areas around the Sand Springs corporate limits contained within a so-called ‘fence line’ are currently ineligible. Oklahoma USDA Rural Development is proposing to remove this fence line area from their current ineligible status and make these areas eligible for Rural Development programs. Sand Springs corporate limits will remain ineligible for Rural Development programs.”

To view a map of the proposed changes, please contact Tommy Earls at or 580-726-3347

What is Rural Development Programs?

USDA loans, also known as Rural Development or RD loans, are government insured (through the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program), and offer many benefits to borrowers that other loans simply cannot compete with such as low fixed rates, low mortgage insurance and no money down financing. By offering flexible “common sense” underwriting guidelines, the USDA insures it abides by its mission and commitment to the support and development of rural America by offering affordable home loans.

The areas that are within the city limits have also been addressed. To make the city limits of Sand Springs eligible for RD Loans a legislative ruling must be submitted and passed. Senator Inhofe has all of the information needed for the legislative process. A timeline for this process has not been given by Senator Inhofe’s office. Senator Inhofe, Congressman Lucas (Osage County) and Senator Lankford are all working together to make this a reality for the residents of Sand Springs, Okla.

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