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The Sandite team celebrates at home plate after Sabrina Usher’s three-run home run during the Class 6A state softball tournament in October. KIRK MCCRACKEN/Leader

It was a slowpitch softball season abruptly cut short. And with all spring sports ending before it could really get going, it means Charles Page High School coach Shelli Brown will have to say goodbye more than a handful of graduating seniors.

It was a group Brown held with great admiration — from both the fall during fastpitch season and the spring during the slowpitch campaign.

“This group of seniors were special to me for many reasons,” Brown said. “They worked hard. They worked together. They created good team chemistry that every team needs. They were a strong group that brought their own strengths together to help make the team stronger. Their goals were to host and win a regionals, which they did (during the fastpitch season). They wanted to be another group that made it to the state tournament all four years. They accomplished that goal also.”

During the Sand Springs Leader’s ongoing series to pay homage to seniors in athletics, Brown spoke eloquently of each of the seniors that made the 2019-2020 season a success.

Sabrina Usher

“What an awesome kid. She probably developed the most from her freshman year to her senior year. She grew into a talented and compassionate young lady. She developed into such an awesome catcher with her arm strength. Her knowledge and how she handled herself behind the plate. Her bat was incredible. You just knew every time at the plate she had the potential to drive one over the fence. She had such power and quick hands.”

Makenna Skaggs

“She was a player that you didn’t really need to motivate. She came game ready. She was hard enough on herself that we didn’t have to push her to get better she pushed herself. She could play anywhere we needed her to and she would do it without question, and she would play her hardest and try her best.”

Rachael Jones

“She also tugs at your heart. She took her junior year off from playing but stayed and helped us through that year. She came back after her junior year and ask if she could come back and play her senior year. She worked hard to get herself back in game mode. She played with courage and hope. This team needed her and she delivered time and time again.”

Jordyn Pearson

“She worked hard every day and always wanted to know what she could do to keep developing into the player she wanted to be. She brought strength to this team. She knew her roles and her strengths and she brought that to the team every day. (She was) always positive.”

Felicity Horn

“Another player who played with her heart. She would always stay longer to work and always put in extra time. We would have to run her out when it was time to close the complex for the day. She always stayed positive. Even when life was challenging. She pushed herself and her team to be the best they could be. Always had a smile on her face.”

Mackenzie Bechtold

“She is a compassionate young lady. She wants the best for everyone. She worked hard every day. Always looking out for her team. She always wanted the best and strives for the best.”

“All these young ladies played with their heart and by doing so they leave a huge place in my heart.”

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