The Skiatook Recycling Center is located on N. Haynie Ave. in front of the Public Works building and behind Casey’s.

The recycling center currently accepts flattened cardboard, mixed paper, newspapers, magazines, empty aluminum and steel cans, empty food and beverage cartons caps included, and empty kitchen, laundry and bath bottles and container including lids.

You cannot recycle food, liquid, clothing, linens, hoes, wires, chains, electronics, plastic bags, Styrofoam or glass. Please do not place recyclables in a garbage or other plastic bag.

The Feed Mr. Murph website states, “Mr. Murph was specifically designed to separate mixed recyclables, thereby reducing the impact of reusable resources from being disposed of in our landfills. We’re happy to say…he was the very first of his kind in Oklahoma. A key part of what makes Mr. Murph so special is his automation. The recovery process starts when mixed recyclables are dumped onto a conveyor belt and then taken through a series of manual and mechanical stages that separate the recyclables. The result is a 95% recovery rate and a cleaner environment for all of us.”

For mixed paper, you do not have to remove staples or tape. You can recycle glossy exterior cardboard, but not wax covered cardboard. You can recycle phonebooks, shopping catalogs and pizza boxes. Please remove any leftover pizza, sauce container, and pizza top savers. Tear off any sections with stuck cheese or where grease has soaked through the bottom.

Rigid plastic bottles and containers generated from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom are accepted. Examples include kitty litter and laundry detergent containers. Caps and lids can be left on bottles, jugs and tubs. Contents do need to be emptied, but do not need to be rinsed. Containers that held household cleaners can be recycled. Remove any trays or packaging that is a plastic bag, film, wrap plastic or Styrofoam. Bottles and containers generated from the garage, shed or yard such as oil or paint cans cannot be recycled.

Aluminum and steel cans should not be flattened before recycling. Labels do not need to be removed. Aerosol cans generated from the kitchen and bath only are accepted. Aluminum foil, pie pans or cooking trays cannot be recycled.

Paper cartons from the refrigerator or pantry are accepted including paper cartons with pour spouts. Straws should be removed but caps may be left on.

Glass that is clear, brown, green or blue is accepted. Caps and corks should be removed from glass jars and bottles. Bottles and jar generated from the pantry or refrigerator are accepted. They do not accept ceramic cups, mugs, drinking glasses, light bulbs, cookware, dishware, picture glass, mirror glass, or any other type of glass not generated from the pantry or kitchen.

At this time curbside pickup is not available in Skiatook.

For more information visit or call (918) 446-0023.

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