Bed bug

This photo was posted by an SHS student on Facebook.

A Skiatook High School student posted a photo on Facebook of a bed bug found at SHS on Thursday morning, November 7.

The post led to a string of posts with parents calling for the school system to be shut down as well as reports on the Facebook group that students were saying that lockers were infested with bed bugs and apartment complexes. Others were stating that they had searched for bed bugs in their homes and were unable to locate any.

At this time, no additional photos or reports have been given to the Skiatook Journal.

A statement was issued by Principal Jenny McElyea on November 7 that said, “Yesterday, there was an isolated bed bug found in a single classroom that was carried in from outside the school. There were no other bed bugs found at school. Precautionary extermination measures were conducted yesterday and will continue for the next few days.”

Superintendent Rick Thomas said that the single bed bug was found, the classroom was treated that evening and there have been no additional reports of bed bugs.

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