The Fox building may soon be for sale.

Council hears update on downtown buildings

Michel Davis, City Inspector, provided City Council with an update on the downtown buildings. This is part of an ongoing project to reach out to downtown building owners to repair and occupy the buildings to improve downtown Skiatook.

All repairs requested on the Bayouth building have been completed with the exception of the roof, which will be repaired once the weather improves in March or April.

Mr. Sparks, who owns two of the buildings, spoke to update on repairs. The Fox building needs a full refurbishment and has been gutted. Sparks will make some repairs to the roof and plans to put the building up for sale.

“I will be looking for someone who has a vision like I had originally for the building, so it may take some time to make that happen,” Sparks said.

Further evaluation of the old Hairbenders building is needed to determine if the structure is salvageable. Sparks will have a structural engineer look at the building to determine if repairs will be made or if something new will be built in the space.

Davis will continue to reach out to building owners.

Phoenix Kids Center lease is up

The Phoenix Kids Center, who currently occupies the old Senior Center at Highway 20 and Javine Hill Road, has completed the six month lease through the city for the property.

City Manager Dan Yancey brought up the lease for discussion to find out which direction the councilors would like to proceed. The lease was offered at a discount to Phoenix Kids Center to help them get started. The center is working on receiving subsidies from DHS and local tribes to help with costs of the center.

There is currently no interest in the building from other businesses, but there has been in the past. Phoenix Kids Center has not expressed any interested to the city about wanting to terminate their lease of the property. The council determined they would like to speak with representatives from the center before making any recommendations.

Airport runway to be rehabilitated

The City of Skiatook entered into an agreement for professional services with CECC Corporation for airport planning and engineering services at Skiatook Municipal Airport. The first project will be the rehabilitation of the runway, which is in serious disrepair.

The project will be 95% funded by FFA annual grants as well as additional funds from the FFA that the Aeronautics Commission was able to procure. The city will only be responsible for 5% of the project funds.

Mayor Herb Forbes stated that the airport brings a lot of traffic to Skiatook with people purchasing fuel and skydiving and that this was an excellent opportunity for the city.

Tree trimming project continues

A contract was awarded to Timber Oklahoma in the amount of $113,650 to continue trimming trees around power lines in Skiatook. Since the tree trimming projects began power outages due to trees have dropped significantly.

Two projects require increased funding

The price of roof replacement on the central gym increased from $42,480 to $49,500 after additional problems were discovered through removal of the roof. Yancey stated that the project could not be stopped because it would have left the building exposed. The council approved the price increase.

A change order for $193,292.40 was approved for an increased scope of sludge removal at the Hominy Creek station. The change was requested due to the increased amount of sludge to be removed since estimates were made in 2013. An additional 180 days was also requested for removal.

The waste water removal plant is currently processing waste and while this change will delay ultimate completion of the project, it is still on schedule for the majority of the work. There are still funds of $140,000 available for allowances and another $400,000 in the original loan amount for contingencies which will cover this change so the project remains within budget.

A similar change is expected when work progresses to the Bird Creek station.

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