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With summer in full swing, the City of Skiatook would like to remind the citizens of Skiatook of a few of the ordinances and state statutes that will help make Skiatook a safer, healthier, cleaner city.

• Mowing Grass: 11 O.S. 22-111 (State Statute)

• Blowing or Mowing grass into street: 6-4G-5-C (City Ordinance)

• Off Street Parking: 11-12-4 (City Ordinance)

• Abandoned, Wrecked, or Inoperative Vehicles: 6-8-2 (City Ordinance)

• Swimming Pools Enclosures: 2019-08 (City Ordinance)

You can get a copy(s) of the above statutes and ordinances online at www.cityofskiatook.com or by contacting the Code Enforcement officer at 918-396-2797 ext. 104.

The City of Skiatook would like to thank its citizens for their cooperation.

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