Osage Gardens

Osage Gardens

Osage Gardens Cemetery LINDSEY CHASTAIN/Skiatook Journal

Skiatook’s City Council discussed the possibility of expanding Osage Gardens Cemetery Tuesday, July 9.

City Manager Dan Yancey said the expansion was being considered because the cemetery is running out of east and west plots.

“We never get requests for north, south plots,” Yancey said. “People may go elsewhere if we do not have east, west plots.”

The cemetery currently has around 1,000 north, south plots available. The expansion would include 4,000 to 5,000 new plots that would be east, west plots. The same rules would apply to the expansion as to the current cemetery and would include road access and sidewalk access to the plots.

No action was taken by the council as this was just a discussion item. The city will be working with the cemetery board and will bring the expansion back to the board for approval at a later date.

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