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Sunrise is the time for bucks to be on the move, but especially when the moon is right. KELLY BOSTIAN/Tulsa World

Youths 17 and younger who want to go deer hunting can take to the woods this coming Friday though Sunday for the 2018 Youth Deer Gun Season.

This season is designed to allow youths the first opportunity of the fall to harvest deer with modern firearms. Deer archery season has been open since Oct. 1, and Deer Muzzleloader Season will open Oct. 27.

“The Youth Deer Gun Season is a great way to introduce young hunters to the outdoors. More times than not, the weather is mild and comfortable for kids to sit through,” said Dallas Barber, big game biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

According to the Department's 2017-18 Big Game Report, published in the October/November issue of Outdoor Oklahoma magazine, 3,867 harvested deer were reported via E-Check for last year’s three-day season.

Barber said good habitat conditions should contribute to overall success. “A mild summer has yielded once again fantastic habitat across much of the state. Key in on stands of mast producing oak trees as the acorns are starting to drop.”

He urges young hunters to take advantage of daily movement patterns of deer.

“Youth season gives our young hunters a great shot at harvesting a buck while he is still sticking to a daily pattern. Make sure to utilize these patterns to your advantage. Travel corridors between bedding areas and newly planted agriculture are a great place to start.”

For complete information and license requirements, consult the current Oklahoma Hunting and Fishing Regulations Guide found online at, in the free OK Hunting and Fishing mobile app for Apple or Android users, or in print across the state wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

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