Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief

Volunteers are ready with Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief.


The Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Oklahoma has moved into Skiatook and set up at the First Baptist Church, 940 W. Oak.

The ministry offers free mud out services to those affected by disaster. Their services include drywall removal, flooring clean up, flood clean up, insulation removal, power washing and mold spraying.

The group, made up entirely of trained volunteers, travels around the country with the support of Southern Baptist Churches. The group just spent 50 days in Nebraska. They also assist with disasters outside of the United States and recently helped out in Puerto Rico and Haiti. They have chainsaw crews out from Durant to Tulsa.

“We try to help as many as we can and we will be here for a long time,” said incident commander John Doffer. “We can save people $1500 to $36,000 depending on the size of the home.”

Doffer decided to become trained as a volunteer after the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and has been volunteering now for 23 years. He has been deployed every year except one.

“During the Moore tornado we took a feeding unit out there to help. Everything was dark. There was no electricity at all,” Doffee said. “We had a light tower and when we turned it on it was pointed at the cross. People started to walk towards the cross because it was all they could see. It gives you cold chills. It’s a miracle in itself.”

The Disaster Relief Oklahoma has just over 6,000 trained volunteers so around 600 volunteers are deployed to disaster areas at any given time.

The services offered are free. They also offer Shock Wave, a mold disinfectant for free to those affected. You just need to bring a sprayer, which are available at Ace Hardware, Allred Hardware and Walmart. Ace Hardware also has a 10% discount on supplies needed for clean up.

Services are available at no cost for any homeowner affected by flooding and storms. They are not available to rental homes or commercial buildings. They are also not available to trailers because it is unsafe for the volunteers to be on flooring that has been flooded.

Services are dispersed on a priority basis with those being trapped in homes receiving first priority. Veterans and military personnel, as well as the elderly and those with health problems are at the top of the priority list.

To start receiving services, call (405) 388-7970 or visit the command center in the First Baptist Church parking lot at 940 W. Oak.

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