Since 1913, the Annual Osage County Free Fair has been a staple and “go-to affair” for the people of Osage County. The 2019 Fair runs September 11 – 14. The event is sponsored and promoted by the Osage County Commissioners.

This year, beginning on Set-up/Entry Day, Wednesday, September 11th, Osage County residents can enjoy four days of fun, competition and entertainment, reacquaint themselves with their neighbors and friends or meet newcomers to the county. There will be contests for the best of everything produced in Osage County, from garden produce and crops to crafts & handiwork, the best livestock and pets, even the most talented vocals…..And don’t forget the fastest turtle.

There are no admission charges to the fair and it doesn’t cost a thing to enter. Watch for Fair posters throughout the county and this area of Oklahoma. There is a schedule of events on each poster.

For a copy of the Osage County Fair Book go to the Osage County Extension office at the Fairgrounds or download a copy from the “Osage County Free Fair 2019” facebook page or on the Osage County Extension Service website:

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Follow me on Twitter @SkiatookJournal.


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