Robin Edens and Herb Forbes

Robin Edens and Herb Forbes

Lindsey Chastain/Skiatook Journal

City Council met Tuesday, October 8.

The council observed a moment of silence for late mayor Roger Upton.

Herb Forbes, who was the Vice Mayor, was appointed as Mayor of Skiatook. Linda Loftis nominated Robin Edens for Vice Mayor. The council voted unanimously to approve the nomination.

The council then discussed how to fill the empty seat in Ward 5. The council can either conduct interviews and appoint a new council member or hold a new election. Cody Fuentes proposed appointing a new member and the rest of the council agreed.

Forbes said he liked the idea of an appointment because it saves the city the cost of running an election and Loftis pointed out that there are good candidates who have expressed interest.

Forbes requested that those who are interested in the council seat submit a statement on why you want to be a council member and your qualifications. A panel of three council members will conduct interviews and the top candidates will be presented at the November 12 council meeting for a vote by the sitting council members,

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