“My dad killed a turkey. My mom coocked it for 50 minitienes it was pretty nasty.”


“You need a turkey. You need a oven. I would put seasoning on it. I would put food coloring in it to make it colorful. I would set the degrease at 90 degrease. I would put a special oil in it. The food colorings I would do is red, blue, and white.”

~Wyatt C.

“First you get in the fridge and get out milk, Gatoraid, butter, pepperonis, yogurt, apple sauce, grapes and a can of biscuits put all in a big pan and eggs. Stir it all till it looks like Play Dough then put in oven for 1 minute, check it put back in for 2 minutes on a little bit hot then take out and Dada cuts up the big ole family turkey and everyone, even Mini the puppy gets all they want.”


“First you have to make the turkey. Then you put the turkey on the stove and cook it at 20,041 degrees and let cook for 1 minute and until its done. Take it off the stove and cut it up. Finally you eat it.”

~Hadley R.

“You kill it. Bring it home and dip it in hot water. And then you take off the feathers and take out the guts. You put salt and pepper on it. And you put butter on it. Then you cook it in that thing that goes around & around that papa cooks chicken in.”

~ Brighton

“1. First you have to skin the turkey. 2. Then you have to cook the turkey. 3. Then you have to cut off the head. 4. Then you have to stuff the turkey.”

~ Kennah

“Firest, you put it in the uvin then you take it out enthen you put it in two garlik bred and put two marshmellos in the garlik bred.”

~ Cash

“1. get a pan out of the kabnit. 2. you pit the turkey in the pan. 3. you pit the turkey on the gril. 4. you whate 15 minits. 5. you take it of the gril.”

~ Trenton C.

“Get it form a farm. Tie it up on your car, so it does not run away. That will be hilarious if you see a turkey run No!? When you get back to your home, put it in is done, you make sure it is done if it is not done set is for at leste 20 or 30 minutes. When it is done you can eat it with your family.”

~ Garret W.

“Hi today I will be showing you how to cook a turkey. First you take the feathers off. Then you cook it for 2 hours and 50 seconds. Then you put some good seasoning. bye see you next time.”

~ Alyssa P.

“1. Make sure you got all of the stuff. 2. Then, put the turkey in the oven. 3. Let it cook for 20 min. I think. 4. Then, take it out and you can put whatever you want on it 5. Then, you serve it 6. I would eat it with my family!”

~ Avery B.

“The turkey has mash potatoes and eggs on the side. The color is brown just like other turkeys. It takes really good! There’s seasoning on the top too.” ~ Abby

“We go hunting for one. take off all the feathers from the turkey. Stuff it with food. put it in the oven for 45 minutes. Take it out of the oven and eat it.”

~ Lyric A.

“This is how I think you should cook a turkey. First, get the ingredients. Second, wash the turkey. Then, put it in the oven for about 30 min. 200 degrees F. After that take it out of the oven. Finally, put some more seasoning on it...because the oven makes it not have much more seasoning left. In my opinion, I don’t like turkey, but this is how I would make it. How would you cook a turkey?”

~ Kenzie V.

“First, you go to the grocery store. then you go to the turkey isle. Then you go to the seasoning isle and get some pepper, salt, and chicken spice. Next you warm the oven up to about 350 degrees. Put the turkey on a tray. If you want it more sweet put some of my dads chicken spice. Finally, put some of every thing on the plate. then serve the food.”

~ Camryn F.

“First you gut the turkey then you stuff the turkey. Next you season the turkey next you cook the turkey by putting a stick through it now you cook it by spining over a open fire.”

~ Landon O.

“First shop for it. Then put it in the oven dont forget to put the spice from takis and ghost peppers like 300000000000000 last add the worlds hotest chip in the world. Cook for 13 minutes. Cook it at 8- degrees.”

~ Jesus M.

“First, you catch a turkey. Then, you try to stop it. Next, you put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then you get it out of the oven. Then, you get the plate out of the cabinet. Then, you finally eat it!”

~ Kelsie

“First, buy a turkey. Second, put it in the oven wait for one hour. When the timer is up then, put salt and pepper on it. Finally, get ready to eat and don’t forget dessert!”

~ Ethan

“You go an you kill it with a duble bare shot gun. If you don’t have a gun you can kill it with a bow an arow.”

~ Hagen F.

“the first thing to do is get a turcky from the stor. the next thing to do is cook the turkey for a hole day. then you are done.”

~ Braeli H.

“Shoot a turkey and gut it. Then, get the meat and cook it at 300 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It should be done. Boil it and put in salt and pepper. Then put foil over it and let it sit for about 35 minutes. Then get it and put a little more butter and seasoning on. Then, I will take all of the left overs to take to Ms. Jeffries.”

~ Diesel H.

“First go shoot a turkey. then smoke the turkey. Don’t forget to chek the turkey. add poot a video game in the bak uv the turkey. last cook for 2 hores. Set the ovin to 1000 degrees.”

~ Koshi

“First thing first you have to shoot it. then you skin it. then you put flavor on it then you pop it in the oven and wait until it is done.”

~ Mavrik

“Pat the turkey. Put some pepper on it and then bake it.” ~ Gabe F.

“First get a turkey. Then you pre heat the oven to 357 degrees farinhit. Then you butter the turkey. Then you have to add the seasoning of your choice. When the oven is ready go ahead and put the turkey in the oven and wait about thirty to forty minutes. Then you have a perfectly cooked turkey.”

~ Kimber M.

“Put seasoning add water put the turkey in the oven for 30 minutes and 26 seconds then pull it out of the oven then eat it.” ~ Josh P.

“Hi my name is Layla do you know how to make a turkey and I will teach you how to make one. Step 1 cook the turkey in the oven and talk the turkey out and eat it. the end.”

~Layla R.

“First you go biye a turkey. then, you put some seasoning. Don’t forget to put bellpeppers. Add buder to. Last, put barquo sauce. bake for 4 hours. Cook it at 150 degrees.”

~ Cayden

“It is made from people killing them and then the people cut them and they put them in the store and that is how they’re made.”

~ Chloe

“First, get the raw turkey out of the refrigerator. Then, set the oven to 300 degrees. Third, put the turkey in the oven for one hour. Fourth, take the turkey out of the oven. Next, put salt and pepper on the turkey. Finally, eat it! And eat it all please!”

~ Kynlee R.

“First, buy the turkey at the store. then, you wash it off in the sink. Third, you put it on the pan. Fourth, put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Then you cut the turkey and then you eat it!!”

~ Presley A.

“1. Put the turkey in the oven. 2. Butter the turkey. 3. Turn the oven on 4. 4. Take the turkey out of the oven. 5. Cool down the turkey. 6. Eat the turkey.”

~Wren R.

“This is how to cook a turkey. First, you have to go get a turkey. Then, I will get the turkey and set the oven on 400 degrees. When that is cooking I will cook mashed potatoes, cinnamon jello, and pumpkin pie. Then, get ready for the party. Then, take the turkey out of the oven. We have Thanksgiving at my house.”

~Avery P.

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