By Lindsey Chastain

Julie Womack moved back to Skiatook just as her book, set in Skiatook, hit Amazon.

Womack grew up in California, but moved to Skiatook with her now husband many years ago. The couple moved back to her hometown in California, but recently decided to move back to Skiatook to continue raising their children.

With a major in screenwriting, Womack is no stranger to writing.

“I thought I wanted to direct movies,” Womack said. “I did a lot of student films and even acted in some.”

Womack went into film production after college before becoming a teacher for preschool and kindergarten. She didn’t start writing again until she stopped teaching when her daughter was born.

Tea with Isabel was an idea that Womack had when she was around 20 years old. “Most people really long for someone that they miss and want to spend time with again. That was my Grandma,” she said. The book is dedicated to her Grandma.

“I always thought the book would be set in California when I lived in Skiatook. When I moved back to California, I realized it was set in Skiatook. I let myself live there again and be with my grandma,” Womack said.

The novel brings you to some of the most familiar places in Skiatook such as Skiatook Lake, Mac’s BBQ and Tastee Freeze, but Womack also reimagined some local areas as well as added some fictional places. Skiatook residents will love reading about the drive down Highway 20 and the views of the lake.

The novel is a personal story to Womack because of her unending love for her Grandma and the story will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has lost a loved one.

But there is so much more to this story. The main character, Nina, and her husband, Brandon, are experiencing marital issues and separate. What follows is a story that delves into how tough relationships truly are as Nina struggles through learning some of life’s truths with the eyes of a small town watching.

Nina is relatable and real. She deals with things that everyone deals with such as heartbreak, loss and trying to find yourself. Womack has done a fantastic job of bringing the characters and setting to life.

The self-published novel came out just as Womack and her family were moving back to Skiatook. “The novel was listed on Amazon the same week we found out we were moving back,” Womack said. “The novel prepared me to move back and to move away from my hometown.”

You can find Tea with Isabel on Amazon, Wilson’s Tallchief Gas Station and Kappuccino’s. You can also read about Womack’s adventures in Skiatook on her blog at

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