The Gray Treefrog is the only treefrog we have in the Skiatook area. Two other treefrogs are found in far Southeastern Oklahoma.

Gray treefrogs are usually gray with darker gray markings, but they can also be brown, green and even white. The undersides of their hind legs are bright orange. As with all treefrogs, they have enlarged toe pads. They also have a white patch beneath each eye.

Unlike pond frogs, such as leopard frogs, their skin is rough instead of smooth. The only time they come to water is during the breeding season, April to July, to lay eggs in temporary pools. The rest of the time they are up in bushes and trees.

Treefrogs are nocturnal and the call of the male is a resonating trill. A gray treefrog with a completely green back and no dark markings is called a Cope’s Gray Treefrog.

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