3rd Thursday

3rd Thursday at Central Park presented by the

Skiatook Chamber of Commerce

Road dedication request

Lakeview Church requested that the City of Skiatook take over maintenance of the road to Bill’s Marine and west of Lakeview Church. The road is currently the property of Lakeview Church and possibly other businesses located on the road. The city can not make improvements to the road because it is located on private property.

The road does not currently meet code standards required by the city. Normally a road must be brought up to code before it is dedicated to the city for maintenance.

No action was taken by the council. More information about the ownership of the road and possibly bringing the road up to code will be researched and discussed prior to any action being taken by the council.

Skiatook Chamber of Commerce

The annual contract was approved between the City of Skiatook and the Chamber of Commerce for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 in the amount of $7,500.

Permits were issued to the Chamber to hold “3rd Thursday in the Park” events at Skiatook Central Park on June 20th, July 18th, August 15th and September 19th from 6-9 pm.

Rooster Relief Run

Approval was issued for City Manager Dan Yancey to work with Lisa Roberts in regards to holding a “Rooster Relief Run” on July 13th. The event will be a poker run and auction to benefit flood victims. The Skiatook Journal will update with more information on this event as details are available.

Fantasy in the Sky

Fantasy in the Sky will be held July 3, 2019 at the Skiatook Municipal Airport. The annual fireworks show is presented by Exchange Bank.

Zoning change approved

A zoning change was approved for a home near the Skiatook Post Office from single family high density to office medium density.

The request was approved by the planning commission prior to presentation to city council. Neighbors attended the planning commission meeting and expressed approval of the change. The home would be available to rent to a business such as a doctor, dentist, or lawyer. 10 parking spots will be added to the home as part of the requirements of approval.

Storage units approved

A lease was approved between SPI Rentals, known as The Reunion at Skiatook and the City of Skiatook for rental of a strip of land next to the existing facilities. The land will be used for storage buildings for use by The Reunion residents.

compiled By Lindsey Chastain

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