Olivia Goodwin


What do you hope to accomplish as a school board member?

I’m very involved with the PTO at SE/SIE and Newman Middle School. I am a small business owner and work from home so my schedule allows me to volunteer for things that occur during school hours like book fairs, snack days, etc. I think it will be refreshing for Skiatook to see a board member participating in that capacity. Of course, I’m at school sporting events and functions outside school hours already as both of my boys are heavily involved in school and booster club sports.

Are you planning on running in the next election?

I do plan to file for the seat in the next election. I think fulfilling this term will give a good intro to the position; an opportunity to get my feet wet if you will.

Why are Skiatook schools great?

Skiatook Schools are fantastic. The teachers and staff truly do care about each and every student. The culture at the buildings I have worked in is like a family. The improvements that have been made every year on the facilities thanks to budgeting or bond issues have been refreshing. Skiatook is a small community, but that is not the mindset of the school system. They don’t stay in a small town mindset when it comes to their expectations for the school or the students they serve.

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