By Lindsey Chastain

Christy and Darlena Jones have dedicated their lives to helping people become healthy and improve their lives.

The mother and daughter duo run the Skiatook Herb Store. Darlena and her mother, Evelyn Vaughan opened the store almost 20 years ago. Previously, the family owned Green Country Feed Store in Turley. But the unexpected death of Darlena’s husband sent her on a new path in life.

Darlena really wanted to help people. So after selling the feed store, she spent a year studying, along with Evelyn, and both became certified herbologists and opened the Herb Store.

“My mom [Darlena] really has a heart and passion for this. She loves helping people and continues to learn and investigate new products. Many of the products she tries herself so she knows even more about how them,” Christy said.

Christy became involved with the store after Evelyn got sick. Christy was a stay-at-home mom and started helping her mother out at the store before deciding to go full time.

“My passion is helping the kids who are sick or have chronic problems. I love letting people know there is an alternative to traditional medicine and chemicals,” Christy said. “Everyone has to do what is best for them and their child. I use my experiences with my own son to help other people.”

What makes Skiatook Herb Store unique is that they offer quality products at very reasonable prices that are usually less than other whole food stores.

“We only work with companies that we know and trust,” Christy said. “We won’t deal with companies that make false claims or do not properly test their products. We will not compromise on quality.”

The store offers vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils. The also offer CBD oil that can be traced all the way back to its start. You can request a print out of the testing and ingredients so you know you are getting the best quality product.

You can also find some health food products, coffee, tea and personal care products.

Skiatook Herb Store is located at 1355 W. Rogers Blvd. #12. The store will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in January.

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