Sperry FFA greenhouse

Sperry FFA’s second greenhouse will provide the students greater opportunities to work with a wide range of horticultural activities. SUBMITTED

Sperry FFA has purchased a new greenhouse! Recently, Mr. Danny Landsaw, Sperry FFA sponsor purchased a greenhouse which Mr. Landsaw assembled with the help of the district’s maintenance crew. Sperry FFA’s growing horticulture class was much in need of additional space and opportunity for developing new projects. The second greenhouse will provide the students greater opportunities to work with a wide range of horticultural activities.

Mr. Landsaw said, “I am excited to get the 2020-2021 school year started to so the students will be able to use the new greenhouse as one of their learning resources. The new greenhouse will provide students the opportunity to experience first-hand a range of activities designed to teach them about plants, plant insects, growing media, soil, and a variety of new topics about horticulture.”

This greenhouse was constructed near the existing greenhouse that is in use now. The original greenhouse can no longer provide the space for all the students in the program, so the new greenhouse was constructed to provide not only additional space for the number of students in the course, but so a broader scope of horticulture can be taught as well. Mr. Landsaw plans to utilize both greenhouses to further the horticultural skills of his students beyond those of the existing curriculum.

“We will propagate plants in our new greenhouse,” Mr. Landsaw said, “and as the weather warms, we will transfer the plants to the older greenhouse which will allow us to have more room to propagate still more plants.”

Students will also be able to take the skills learned in the horticulture program out of the classroom and into their own homes, growing plants and vegetables at home. Hands on opportunities for learning such as this greenhouse provides will ensure students have the knowledge to successfully grow plants from seeds or seedlings the rest of their lives. Sperry FFA is growing its horticulture class to the max. It will be beneficial to all students who take the horticulture class.

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