On Tuesday, March 25, Skiatook looked like it was business as usual in some areas, while others, like restaurants and public gathering places did not have the usual amount of people.

Shelly, who was at Skiatook Central Park said she has mixed emotions about the pandemic and is nervous, but wanted to let the kids get outside and get some fresh air.

Pam was watching her kids play at the park after running the jogging trail. "You still need to get out, still have to go to the grocery store and work. You may still exposed no matter what," she said. "We are trying to stay where they are small amount of people and keep our distance."

Angela believes it is all in God's hands and is putting all of her trust in him. "I'm just being normal, going to work and doing whatever I have to do. What happens, happens," she said.

Karen, who we met at Walmart was bdelivering face masks and hand sanitizer to a family member and employee at the store. It was the first time she and her kids had been out in a week. She was not really nervous and taking things one day at a time.

Dominique was buying some shirts at Walmart and said he pretty much says away from people anyway, so he wasn't really nervous about the virus. 

Jacon and Shyanne were out buyig food at Wal-Mart and said they are washing their hands all the time and staying a safe distance away from people.

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