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One thing that is very evident in our Nation right now is division.

Many people are quick to blame certain individuals or the political party on the opposite side of their beliefs. No matter what side you fall on we should always be able to listen and learn and then make decisions that will be good for our Family, City, County, State, Nation and even the World.

Unfortunately, I think that is part of the problem. People aren’t willing to listen anymore.

With that being said, our culture has leaned all the way to making people think that they are always right. There is no longer a line that can’t be crossed. Everything seems to be accepted, except for not accepting something. This is not OK in the eyes of our culture.

The vast majority of Oklahomans, at least in my mind, are Bible believing Christian people with conservative values. They understand the rights we have aren’t something that came to us easily, but at the price of American blood.

We believe in voting and using our voice and that the majority rules. We won’t always agree on every issue but if we will just remember that we are The UNITED States of America, that our money still says “In God We Trust,” that our founding fathers didn’t agree on everything, but worked together to make a better life for future generations, then maybe we can follow that example and leave things better than we found it.

I encourage you to sincerely pray as we enter this year of 2020 that we see clearly during times of election, that we will make choices that will be in accordance with the will of God and that His blessing may continue to pour out on the USA and our community.

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Managing Editor

Lindsey is the managing editor for the Skiatook Journal. She holds an M.A in English from the University of Central Oklahoma. Prior to the start of her news career in 2011, Renuard was a professor of English at the University of Central Oklahoma.