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One thing that should always make a Christian stand out from the rest of the world is the way we love others.

And not just others, but especially those people that aren’t our favorite, people that are out to tear us down and make us look bad. People the Bible refers to as our enemies.

It’s easy to love those that demonstrate love toward us. Jesus referenced this in Luke 6:33. He said “And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.”-NIV.

The things a Christian should be giving to others is mercy, grace, and love. We have freely been given these things, and we should be willing to freely give them to others.

This thought pattern and way of life is quite opposite of the way of the world. The world teaches eye for eye and tooth for tooth.

That’s not the way God teaches, He tells us to bless those that curse us and to pray for those that mistreat us. When we love in this way we are simply sharing the love that has been so freely given to us.

There is not one person who deserves God’s love, but He gives it anyway. He has set the example for His children to follow, walk in the way of LOVE.

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