The Skiatook Bulldogs defeated the Claremore Zebras on the court February 4, 52-48.

The Bulldogs went into the match-up 8-11 on the season. They took the lead early and kept the lead for the majority of the game.

In the first quarter steals by Jayden Garner and Justin Mead as well as a three point shot from Garner helped keep the Bulldogs in the lead 19-13.

More steals by Garrett Sumner and Justin Mead kept the Zebras for scoring on the Bulldogs several times. Skiatook had 11 steals total in the game compared to Claremore’s one.

The Zebras creeped ahead near the end of the game, but a three pointer by Garner put the Bulldogs back in the lead and they stayed in the lead until the end of the game.

Skiatook topped Claremore in rebounds 31 to 26 and assists 14 to 13. The Bulldogs teamwork won the game 52-48.

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