Sperry softball defeated Dewey 5-4 Tuesday, August 20 after a tense seventh inning.

Dewey made it onto the board first on a scorching 100 degree afternoon against the Lady Pirates in the top of the second, but Sperry would answer back with three runs in the bottom of the third. Pitcher Harvey was on fire throwing strikes and catching line drives as was first baseman Miller.

Bunting proved to be a great strategy for the Lady Pirates in loading bases and getting across home plate. The outfielders were quick to get to the ball and throw infield for quick outs. The score remained 3-1 until the seventh inning.

Dewey was up to bat at the top of the seventh and an injured Harvey was pitching. During the sixth inning, Harvey was at third when her hand was caught by a Dewey player sliding into the plate. But Harvey wasn’t done fighting for this win. She stepped back to the pitcher’s mound and took some practice pitches. Obviously in pain, she was not giving up and would pitch for the rest of the game.

Dewy earned several walks and loaded the bases in the top of the seventh and scored 3 runs. The Lady Pirates were quick in the outfield and two outs at first ended the inning and the game with the Pirates winning 5-4.

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