Skiatook Fishing Report

Sunset over Skiatook lake. LINDSEY CHASTAIN/Skiatook Journal

Ft. Gibson

August 27. Elevation above normal, water 83 and murky. White bass good trolling crankbaits, grubs, and jigs along flats, main lake, and points. Report submitted by Ben Haff, game warden stationed in Wagoner County.


August 27. Elevation normal, water 83. Largemouth bass fair on grasshoppers, lipless baits, and plastic baits around brush structure, in coves, and standing timber. Blue catfish fair on chicken liver, cut bait, and shad along channels, in coves, and along flats. Report submitted by Josey Branch, game warden stationed in Muskogee County.


August 26. Elevation 5 3/4 ft. above normal, water 85 and muddy. Striped bass hybrids, striped bass, and white bass good on crankbaits, flukes, hair jigs, jigs, live shad, sassy shad, spoons, and topwater lures below the dam, and around points, riprap, main lake humps, and bridges. Blue, channel, and flathead catfish excellent on cut bait, goldfish, grasshoppers, live shad, shad, stinkbait, and worms below the dam and around flats and river mouth. Crappie fair on jigs, minnows, and tube jigs around brush structure, coves, riprap, and standing timber. Report submitted by Spencer Grace, game warden stationed in Kay County.


August 22. Elevation above normal, water 85. White bass good on small lures around points. Blue catfish good on cut bait below the dam and around channels. Report submitted by Karlin Bailey, game warden stationed in Creek County.

Lower Illinois River

August 23. Elevation normal, water 72 and cloudy. Rainbow trout fair on caddis flies, in-line spinnerbait, midges, nymphs, PowerBait, small lures, and worms below the dam and around shallows. Harvest has declined some with the warming water releases and lower oxygen content of released water from the dam. Report submitted by Jerry Henry, game warden stationed in Sequoyah County.


August 26. Elevation normal, water 84 and murky. Channel and flathead catfish fair on chicken liver, hot dogs, shad, and stinkbait around creek channels, dam, docks, riprap, and north coves. Crappie fair on jigs, grubs, minnows, worms and beetle spins at 12-18 ft. around dam structures, docks, brush piles, standing timber and island brush piles. Largemouth bass fair on plastic worms, swim baits, crankbaits, frogs and Chug Bugs along northern coves, shorelines with willows, brush piles and rocky drop-offs. Waterfowl hunting leases are located in the northwest portions of the lake. Boaters be advised during waterfowl hunting season. Report submitted by McMurtry Lake staff.


August 26. Elevation normal, water clear and in the 80s. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass fair on crankbaits around points and shorelines. Crappie good on jigs and minnows at 5-10 ft. around brush structure and standing timber. Striped bass hybrids and white bass fair on live shad and spoons at 10-20 ft. around the main lake. Report submitted by Paul Welch, game warden stationed in Osage County.


August 25. Elevation normal, water murky. White bass fair on lipless baits around coves. Striped bass hybrids slow on live shad and slabs around the main lake. Blue catfish fair on cut bait around flats and main lake. Report submitted by Stephen Paul, game warden stationed in Noble County.


August 26. Elevation above normal, water murky. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass good on crankbaits, plastics, and spinnerbaits around coves, creek channels, and docks. White bass good on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and spoons around the main lake and look for shad hitting the surface. Crappie fair on minnows and tube jigs around brush structure. Largemouth and spotted bass good on crank baits near structures. White bass good near surfacing shad and crappie far in brush piles. Report submitted by Tony Clark, game warden stationed in Cherokee County.

Webbers Falls

August 27. Elevation below normal, water 81 and murky. Crappie fair on hair jigs, jigs, and PowerBait along channels, main lake, points, and shallows. Blue and channel catfish fair on cut bait, shad, and shrimp below the dam, along flats, and shallows. Report submitted by Josey Branch, game warden stationed in Muskogee County.