The Sperry Pirates ended their run at a second straight state championship Friday night with a 14-7 loss to Kingston.

Sperry walked onto the field in Kingston with 12 wins on the season and without a truly close scoring game. Kingston had 9 wins this season with their only loss at the hands of the Pirates in September, 37-15.

The Pirates quickly got on the board with a short touchdown run by Cooper Park halfway through the first quarter, and the rest of the game would be a story of defense. Both sides battled, but with excellent defense, the first half ended without any more points on the board. Sperry led 7-0.

The third quarter was again all about defense with teams holding each other to punting on each possession except one, when Kingston finally score and tied the score 7-7.

The fourth quarter was much of the same and both teams rallied through the cold, wet weather. But Kingston came out on top with another touchdown in the fourth and won 14-7.

Though the Pirate Nation was stunned by the loss, fans expressed their support on Facebook with comments like, “We are so proud of the men that you are and the example you set for the younger players!” and “You are #1 to us!”

Kingston will move on to face Vian next week and Beggs will face Metro Christian in the semi-finals.

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