Sperry defeats Caney Valley 62-6 for homecoming

With a snap of winter-like weather, fans bundled up to cheer on the Sperry Pirates Friday night.

The Pirates scored quickly as Stormy Weathers took a 40 yard punt return to the end zone and put the pirates up 7-0. An interception by Carson Hendrix followed by a touchdown run by Bryce Carter kept the momentum going. And Sperry led 14-0 not even two minutes into the game.

Hendrix recovered a Caney Valley fumble and Sperry put up more points on the board. Bryce Carter followed up with a more than 50 yard touchdown run to make the score 28-0 only four and a half minutes into the game.

Bryce Carter and Tyler Arnold found the end zone and the first quarter ended with what sounds like a final score of 42-0.

Joe Whiteley had a more than 70 yard touchdown run. Walker Niver waltzed into the endzone. Seth Jackson made it a triple for the second quarter. Sperry led 62-0 at the half.

The second half of the game was quiet as the first string got a break. There was a delay of game for a dog on the field and Caney Valley put up 6 points.

The Unstoppables do it again and win 62-0.

The Pirates will travel to Morris for next week’s game.

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