The Sperry Pirates began their season with a 49-13 win over Verdigris.

The Pirates drew first blood with a touchdown in the first quarter and struck again at the beginning of the second with a 24 yard touchdown from Cooper Park to Kohlby Foster. Foster followed that up with a 32 yard return.

Turnovers would be the story of the game. Sperry recovered two fumbles in the second to stop Cardinal drives.

Bryce Carter ran 71 yards for a touchtown with just under a minute and a half left in the first half increasing Sperry’s lead 21-0. Then Joe Whiteley sacked the Verdigris quarterback twice in a row forcing a fumble recovered by the Pirates. An 18 yard touchdown by Kohlby Foster ended the first half with Sperry up 28-0.

Foster showed his speed again at the opening of the third quarter with an 80 yard touchdown run and Sperry increased their lead to 35-0.

An interception by Verdigris put them on the board with 5:30 left in the third. The Cardinals went for two but the attempt was no good. Stormy Weathers finished off the third quarter with a touchdown. The Pirates led 42-6.

But they weren’t done yet. In the fourth quarter Rodney Weathers found the end zone and ended a 50 yard run by Verdigris. Verdigris recovered a fumble with just over a minute left in the game, but there just wasn’t enough time to begin to close the score gap.

“That’s a good ball club we put out there today,” Coach Robert Park said of the win.

Sperry won the game 49-13. The Pirates travel to Claremore next week to face Claremore Sequoyah.

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