2019-06-12 wcat-tie dye biz

Shelby Brewster helps officially open Indigo Tye Dye Company in downtown Coweta, but has been in the business for sometime on her own. COURTESY COWETA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Apple Computer’s founders began their business in a garage. Broken Arrow’s Shelby Brewster started in her dorm room.

One only hopes Brewster’s venture will be 1/10th as successful as Apple’s.

Nevertheless, a business has to start somewhere and with an owner that has a passion for the product or service.

Brewster can check both boxes on that one.

She has tie dyed things for years and is quite good at it.

She finally took the plunge to open in a downtown Coweta location at 204 S. Broadway. Her business is called Indio Tie Dye Company.

“In a couple of weeks the studio will open and patrons and can come in and make their own,” said Brewster, who will now double as a teacher.

“You can do birthday parties or corporate events can be scheduled there,” Brewster said of the multiple uses of the store.

How did all this color get tied up into a business?

“I started with tie dyes two years ago in my dorm room.” She said. “Then, I got the opportunity to open this store.”

Brewster will keep things versatile in the store besides selling and teaching. She will offer a variety of items.

“I’ve got different brands and they can get something else. A lot of local artists are in here so it is helping local businesses too,” Brewster said.

As a kid, she caught the tie dye bug.

“I love doing it,” she said. “In high school, we’d hang out and make shirts.

“I made my own shirt at school and it grew and grew. I wondered if I can make money doing this?”

Brewster turned to social media. Then, she got a website and now we are here two years later on Coweta’s main street.

She graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 2016 and will complete her Psychology major studies at Northeastern State in May 2020.

The store’s summer hours of operation are: Monday-Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5. These hours will change in the fall, however.

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