American Legion Memorial Promotion

American Legion Post 226 members Robert Morton, Chris Votava and Don Parrish, from left, unveil the first stone that will be featured at the American Legion 100th Centennial Memorial in front of Coweta City Hall. Engraved brick pavers honoring veterans are still being sold to include in the project with a Feb. 29 deadline. CHRISTY WHEELAND FILE PHOTO

In September 2019, ground was broken in downtown Coweta for the American Legion 100th Centennial Memorial. The memorial for veterans past, present and future will pay tribute to those who have served in all branches of the military.

Among its many features will be recognition for Coweta’s two Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, the Coweta Eight who were killed in action during the Vietnam War and the names of veterans whose families purchase commemorative bricks and pavers to honor them.

On Jan. 20, the project committee met and decided this will be a three-phase project. The first phase will be completion of the inner court where the 100-year American Legion Monument and purchased commemorative veteran bricks will be installed. Work is expected to begin in early spring and take approximately 45-60 days to complete.

The second phase will be the outer perimeter walls. This will include all service emblems and bronze plaques for Coweta’s Eight and Medal of Honor recipients.

The third phase will include all other veteran bricks as they are ordered and collected.

Project organizers say the committee has approved site plans and drawings with revisions. Those will be presented along with a building permit application to the City of Coweta for approval and issuance.

Once a contract is awarded, residents will see dirt move, a foundation installed and masonry work begin.

Now through the end of February, American Legion Post 226 will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 noon until 5 p.m. for brick and paver sales. The post is located at 600 S. Broadway, just south of the downtown Broadway District.

All veteran brick orders processed by Saturday, Feb. 29 will be included in the phase one construction plan.

For more information, contact Mike Walker at 918-728-5833, Robert Morton at 918-760-6711 or send an email to