A very special announcement was made in Coweta Friday, Sept. 6 that involves a business relocation from Highway 51 into the heart of the downtown Broadway District.

Chinowth & Cohen will be moving its operation from Mike Badley’s office complex east of the Coweta Assembly church into the historic building on the southwest corner of Broadway and Chestnut streets.

Members of the Chinowth family were joined by company Broker/Manager Doyle Wilson and agents in the local office for the unveiling of plans for the building.

“Doyle met with us a year ago in January and there were 11 agents who came on at once. There are 40 agents now, and we knew we needed more space,” said Leland Chinowth to open the program. “We want to give the agency a new, exciting place to work and we are excited to be in the downtown market.”

Taylor Chinowth said the company’s goal is to pull in a lot of the history and industrial feel of the building by utilizing a lot of exposed brick and concrete as well as raw wood.

“We are excited to be a part of the community and Broadway area and to grow with downtown,” he noted.

Wilson confessed it has been quite the journey for the Chinowth & Cohen team in Coweta.

“If you remember how we started this, we were right down the street and did not have a home yet. Now, here we are a year and a half later. It’s been incredible!” Wilson exclaimed. “We have tripled the number of agents and tripled our revenue in Coweta.”

He proudly announced that for the past two years, Chinowth & Cohen received the Reader’s Choice Award for being Coweta’s favorite real estate company.

Wilson gave credit to Elite Title’s Kindell Whisenant, “For being responsible for all of this.”

“A few days before Christmas, Kindell told me, ‘Sheryl Chinowth would like to meet with you.’ Little did I know those eight words would change the course of my life and of Coweta and Coweta’s history,” he admitted. “Sheryl, Lee, Leland and Taylor Chinowth are the most incredible people to come into my life in a very long time.”

“I was raised by a lot of really strong women in my life. To work for a company that was started by a lady who came to Tulsa as a single lady with two sons to build this company means a lot to me,” he continued. “Sheryl, you’re the best!”

Wilson said the local Chinowth & Cohen office would not be where it is at today without the many dedicated agents who come to work every day.

“A few of us came from a previous brokerage, and we have such an incredible group leading corporate America,” the broker/manager said. “This is an amazing group of people, whether they’ve had their license for three weeks or 30 years. It’s incredible how they work together and integrated their work family into the Coweta family.”

Wilson commended Coweta City Manager Roger Kolman for being a person that does not include the word “no” in his vocabulary.

“That is so important to Coweta and to a company like Chinowth & Cohen,” he noted. “There’s always a plan to get to the next step. I appreciate that with Roger! We all should be that way in developing the Broadway District.

“It is so much fun to look down this street and have to dodge construction barriers. It says a lot for the community and the business leaders in the district. You work tirelessly to get us where we are.”

Kolman had high praise for Wilson and his team of real estate agents.

“They have been a part of the Coweta community for several years and have taken time to get to know our community, residents, subdivisions and downtown business district,” Kolman said. “Due to their investment in downtown, we are relocating 40 agents into our downtown area. There are a lot of projects going on downtown and this (Chinowth & Cohen relocation) is a catalyst for everything that is happening here.

“To Doyle, Leland and Taylor, thank you for your investment and trust in our community. We are here to help you in any way we possibly can.”

Plans call for the new Chinowth & Cohen office at 128 N. Broadway to open by the end of the year.