American-Tribune (copy)

The developer of Gibson Grove home sites by a 7-1 vote got approval to change the zoning on the housing plan to offer 106 duplex units.

The approval came during the regular monthly meeting of the City of Wagoner Council on Aug. 5.

The zoning change was necessary before developer Daryl Nieto could proceed with the new plan. Gibson Grove announced its neighborhood development about a year ago, but needed to make this change since the project was slow starting.

“It actually went smoother than I expected,” Nieto said of the zoning change. “I got calls before the meeting (that there would be people against it).”

As it turned out, protesters showed up, but thanks to a 38-minute executive session on the hiring of a part-time animal control officer, Nieto was able to huddle with citizens against the change and explain his reasons behind it.

“There’s a negative connotation with duplexes and multi-family units (built anywhere),” Nieto added of why citizens came to the meeting.

In other council action:

• Approved the contract with Gil Miller Roofing, Co., Inc., to tear off, repair and replace the Community Building roof. Cost for this project was not announced.

• Approved the hiring of Damien Eubanks (street department in a full-time capacity), Jessica Handshoe and Erin Kemper (police department dispatchers) and Brandon Quimby (police department part-time animal control officer).

• Denied the tort claim of David Murray.

• Approved the plan to expand the Elmwood Cemetery on City owned property.

• Approved the recommendation from Garver Engineering to award the bid to Third Generation Electrical, Inc., to construct Precision Approach Path Indicator Lights at the Wagoner Airport.

• A moment of silence was observed to honor former city employee Billy Barnett, who recently died.