2019-11-27 wcat-coweta foundation

The Coweta Education Foundation pulled out its checkbook and gave grants to these teachers for use in the classroom. JOHN FERGUSON/AMERICAN-TRIBUNE

The Coweta Education Foundation has opened its checkbook to fund grants for the multiple class projects, materials and needs in order for teachers to do a better job in the classroom now and in the future.

The checks were presented at Central Elementary recently.

Here are the winning grants:

• Books For Central Elementary’s Books & Bingo Literacy Night.

• Purchase Class Sets of 3 different books. Each book Is a different genre to use In the class.

• Books that will be used to help youngest level readers find books that they will have success in reading.

• Purchase research based language program called “Expanding Expression Tool.”

• Small group reading & math activities.

• Continued school membership to starfall.com for reading, language arts & math.

• Software to be used throughout the school for K, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades.

• Four different classroom sets novels.

• Document camera to allow a hands on lesson to be taught as a whole group lesson instead of small individual groups.

• Variety of reading & math materials for work stations & small group instruction.

• Document camera to use in conjunction with a smart board.

• Desktop document camera to use with smart board & biography readers.

• Three sets of building blocks & a set of 10 building plates.

• Learning materials & flexible seating.

• Trucks, magnetic builders, window blocks, magnetic design shapes, hammering kit, puzzle set, mailbox, graphing tray, magnetic storytelling, etc.

• Three performances of Tulsa Opera’s “Goldie B. Locks & The Three Singing Bears.”

• Two sets of rainbow team bucket stack games.

• Variety of materials to create work stations for students to work in groups to create monotypes.

• Classroom set of TI-84 plus graphing calculators & individual graphing calculator.

• Purchase a classroom set of calculators.

• Purchase calculators & electronic scales.

• Class set of hands-on kits that will help students understand feedback mechanisms.

• Turn the library into 21st Century learning commons — Purchase furniture.

• Funding for trade books to help 1st & 2nd grade students’ reading development.

• Funding for half the cost of WeVideo subscription service for all english classes for a year.

• Buy big book stand to hold books that are included with the wonders reading curriculum.

• Buy non-pitched percussion instruments & supplemental materials.

• Purchase 32 ollas (clay pots used for self-irrigation) in a school garden.

• Fund 50% of the purchase of brainpop jr for all central 3rd grade students to use.

• Purchase paints & paint brushes needed to paint murals on central’s community garden’s butterfly house.

• Purchase 10 MP3 players, 10 pairs of headphones & iTunes gift card for $25.

• Purchase 3 document cameras that work with the smartboard.

• Purchase a variety of math materials for small group instruction.

• Purchase Lexia, a reading program that is programmed to give individual students help in specific areas in which they struggle.

• Buy class set of new, updated hardcover dictionaries for language art classes.

• Purchase class set of 30 “The Lightning Theif” by Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

• Let’s talk science — purchase supplies for fun & exciting science activities.

• Variety of guided play-based learning materials.

• Buy materials to supplement small group reading instruction.

• Purchase manipulatives to use with a new phonics program, blast foundations, from really great reading. The 10 kits cost for $728 / a set of 6 kits for $504.

• “Pour some paint on me” — allow students to try the new trend of contemporary art by pouring liquefied paints onto a canvas.

• To fund classroom service projects so every Central Elementary student will learn about the needs in our community, our state of Oklahoma and the world.

• Get funding for a computer program designed to help youngest & struggling students.