Coweta Arrests

Information in this column is obtained from public records at the Coweta Police Department for the period ending August 13, 2019.

Not every incident leads to a charge under the law. If charges are filed, guilt, innocence or other liability is determined by a court of law.

Some names may be similar or even identical to those individuals not involved in these cases.


Kevin Michael Robertson, was arrested Aug. 9 on complaints of driving under suspension and defective equipment.

Floyd Ray White Jr., was arrested Aug.12 on complaints of any convicted felon carries or possesses any firearm; any person removes or alters the identification number of a firearm; any assault and battery upon another by means of any deadly weapon, or by such other means as is likely to produce death, or in any manner attempts to kill another, on in resisting the execution of any legal process; robbery or attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon or imitation firearm when convicted three separate and distinct felonies; plans, attempts, conspires or endeavors to perform an act of violence involving or intended to involve serious bodily harm or death of another person; any person who resists or enters into a combination with any other person to resist the execution of any legal process; obstructing officer; Tulsa County warrants (x9) and second and subsequent domestic abuse in presence of a child.