2019-06-12 wcat-coach Tim Harper




The Coweta Tiger football program crossed the state line to capture its next head coach from Mena, Ark., it was announced on Thursday.

Tim Harper has been selected after a search that started with 29 applicants. Coach Harper has been the head coach of four Arkansas prep programs over the past 19 years.

“Excited for the opportunity, great facilities to work with and eager to learn about Oklahoma 5A football. Basically, my philosophy is every day we get a little bit better and always open to adapt to the situations we face,” Coach Harper said Thursday while visiting the Coweta Fieldhouse.

“Very open minded, kind of old school in that I want to develop a strong running game, but realistic about football today and you have to be ready to adapt to what your talent offers you and I know full well the wide open passing attack that have become the norm,” Coach Harper pointed out.

“I want to come to Coweta with a completely open mind, work with my coaching staff and learn the kids’ talents and abilities and then develop a program that can help them be successful.”

In his past, he has coached 3,000-yard passers and 40 touchdown quarterbacks, so he is no stranger to the passing game.

Over the years Coach Harper was head coach at Lewisville, State runner-up at Des Arc in 2A, Searcy in 6A and the past six years at 4A Mena. His teams have made the State playoffs 13 of the past 15 years, two of those programs competed for the State championship.

Coach Harper and his wife Amanda, along with sophomore to-be daughter Alex, 16, plan to be relocated by early July. The couple have an older daughter, Taylor, 21, who is a senior at Ouachita Baptist College, Arkadelphia, Ark., where she is an elementary education major and a trainer for the athletic programs.

Alex is a cross-country, track and volleyball player and Coach Harper and his wife consider coaching a family ministry.