Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Mission Intermediate Grade demonstrated generosity and a giving spirit while participating in a bedlam-themed fall food drive to benefit the Coweta Assembly Food pantry.

On Monday, food drive committee members Avery Deonier (chairperson), Colton Frierson, Bella Honeyman, Caydee Wright, Chloe Jones-Pede and Savannah Rupe, all sixth graders, delivered 3,233 non-perishable items to the Coweta Assembly Food Pantry for distribution this holiday season.

That’s a pretty big number considering there are only 380 students at MIGC.

The drive was sponsored by the National Elementary Honor Society under the supervision of NEHS Sponsor Ann Stiles.

“I’m so stinking proud of them! What a wonderful and giving community we have!” exclaimed Mission IGC Principal Gentry Pierce. “We encouraged every student to bring at least one item for the drive.”

And bring food, they did! The fifth grade brought 1,134 items while the fourth grade brought 1,116. Sixth graders brought 983 items for the drive. The bulk of those items came in on the last day of the drive.

“Since they met their goal – and we did very early on – I have to sing the OU fight song and eat an OU smash cake while singing it at the Dec. 6 Rise and Shine Assembly,” Pierce said.

That’s going to be a tough act for the principal who is an Oklahoma State graduate, but she knows it’s for a good cause.

“It’s awesome to know that ‘were such a giving community,” Pierce noted. “People want to help people out. That’s one of the things we love about Coweta – the willingness to lend a helping hand.”

“As long as we’re helping people, I’ll sing this nasty, trashy ‘Boomer Sooner’ song,” she said with a smile. “I’ll do anything for kids.”

By winning the bedlam food drive, fifth grade students will receive an extra recess and a reward party.