Pickers and fiddlers from throughout the region will gather at Sequoyah State Lodge Aug. 15-17 for the annual Oklahoma State Fiddlers, Inc. Summer Convention.

The fun-filled, three-day weekend near Wagoner will include free music jam sessions from morning until night. There will be a dance ($5 admission), a couple of cake walks and a 50/50 pot giveaway.

Oklahoma State Fiddlers, Inc. President Bob Fjeldsted said the organization has held a state convention for more than 40 years, and most always they come to Sequoyah State Lodge where some 250 musicians participate and hundreds more attend just to hear some great music.

“This lodge goes way back in history. There’s a lake, food, sleeping accommodations ... everything is there. It’s well kept, reasonably priced and everyone loves it!” Fjeldsted said. “We’ve had people from as far away as Scotland and Romania here before.”

All activities are open to the public.